Günter Siever
Born in 1952 in the Eifel Region, lives and works in Frankfurt/Main

His photographs are the expression of naturalness and spontaneity, which is reflected in various freelance, artistic works and contract work.

In the beginning there were advertising and fashion, international photo productions for the beauty, fashion and cosmetics industries as well as classic portrait und nude shots, and documentary work.

His artistic work includes mainly black & white photos, captured with the Leica M5, a camera with natural image effects like human perception. His motifs:

cities and landscapes, architectural building-lines, parklands, still lifes, portraits of people. With a great instinct for shapes, light and the perfect image composition reduced, graphic details are created – timeless, picturesque moments.

Color photos are often converted into black & white photos and then reproduced as a color print. This technique supports the effect of these snapshots, which are surprisingly detached from time and space. A high-tech building in Dubai is lost in picturesque surroundings, a modern passer-by uncovers a historic Parisian parkland and documents the modern age. The observer is immediately invited to assign both the chronological and cultural correlations in the picture.

The analog and digital works are reproduced in selected professional photographic laboratories on baryta paper of the highest quality in largest possible formats.

The works of Günter Siever are part of many international private collections.